The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams… No doubt, there is a universal truth to this dictum. 

               Here in the province of Pampanga, one FAMILY believed…and so did one MAN… A family’s vision providentially merged with a man’s passion. And both found fulfillment in a still unparalleled endeavor — SANCTUARIO DE SAN FERNANDO MEMORIAL GARDENS…

               The HIZONS of today belong to the old families of Pampanga who rose to prominence during the latter part of the 1800’s and the early 1900’s.  In the league of the great clans of the province like the Abad Santoses, the Dayrits, the Lazatins, the Singians, the Hensons, and others, the Hizons may trace their roots to the influential Principalia of the Spanish colonial times.
Aware of their ancestors’ contribution to local history, the descendants of Don Anacleto Hizon and Don Ramon Hizon, presently the children of Augusto P. Hizon have always wanted to leave a legacy befitting their distinguished lineage. 

              A landed family, it became a matter-of-course for them to finally venture into the real estate business, a flourishing enterprise in the country these days.  Ciudad de Hizon and La Terraza are two of their latest family endeavors. With the eldest sibling, Ma. Asuncion Hizon-Dizon at the helm of these affairs, the Hizons realized they have discovered their most sublime mission in this, their most recent venture… Sanctuario de San Fernando Memorial Gardens.  Understandably, they are filled with enthusiasm and the burning desire to get to work on it and accomplish the same.

             NELSON S. CASTRO— an adventurer, a risk-taker, a dreamer, but best of all, a man of action.  Whatever comfort he may be favored nowadays, was built on hard, but honest toil.  Albeit being an architect by profession, he took on menial jobs during his early days in the United States of America to literally survive. 

             Yet no matter the challenges, and the task at hand, he would always persevere, endure, and ultimately, succeed.  In the past 17 years, he prospered in California in an enterprise he initially knew nothing about— the care-giving industry, or more appropriately, caring for the developmentally disabled people.  But as his character dictates, learning to him is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.  And he did just that.  To date, he has established 10 care-giving facilities spread out in Southern California.

              Nevertheless, there will always come a time when home reckons, and like a way-worn traveler, Nelson Castro, after 27 years, yearned to go back to his roots in 2003, knowing that he must realize some of his dreams, here in his beloved province of Pampanga.

              Providentially, he took the same path that the Hizon family did, and ventured in real estate.  Thus, he established Neldys Realty and Development Corporation, and soon after, Krystal Homes was born.  Barely three years in existence, the subdivision is almost completely sold out.  Nelson Castro is finally realizing his dreams for his home city. The company is now bent on embarking on more real estate development in the city and nearby towns. 

             In 2006, the Family and the Man crossed path… and the hands of their destiny met at the meridian hour.  Not long after, a Joint Venture Agreement was entered into by both parties.  Hence,  the germinal idea  of Sanctuario de San Fernando Memorial Gardens was conceived— the product of the Hizon Family’s vision and Nelson Castro’s passion to create a serene and unparalleled memorial park that honors the family and their time-honored traditions…

             The goal was to raise the bar in the creation of what is definitively an ideal memorial garden — that is, a departure from the usual and the ordinary.

             The initial challenge was thrown into the hands of a pool of young and driven architects— the LEDAVER BUILDERS. Spearheaded by its principal architect, Leandro E. Dave, it has gained its reputation through undertaking various architectural, interiors and contracting projects, the most ambitious of which, so far, is Sanctuario De San Fernando.

             Believing that each project they undertake becomes a collective strand that is carefully  woven and sewn to make a canvas unique for each client, the Ledaver architects racked their brains, debated and deliberated on the incipient idea of a high end memorial park that will cater to both the upper and middle classes.  Finally, they  breathed life to Sanctuario de San Fernando Memorial Gardens….

             Though the structures and the overall architectural design is visibly very modern and technologically advanced, as the Developer, NELSON S. CASTRO would have it, the architects infused some ornate Spanish architectural details, as recommended by the Landowner – the Hizon Family, who believes that the Kapampangan culture bears in many aspects, the indelible imprint of the 300 years of Hispanic influence. The Fusion of these two architectural concepts, allowed the architects to create that truly unique canvas for Sanctuario de San Fernando Memorial Gardens…

            A group of young artists from the Art Association of the Philippines  have been commissioned to creatively interpret and execute these art forms, trail blazed by an award-winning Kapampangan artist, NOY GEPTE.

           Overseeing the Park’s operations and administration as well as that of the entire Neldys Group of Companies, is a man who is a visionary in his own right, JESSE S. QUIWA.  His long and respected record as a Public Servant speaks well of the man… And as he steps into the corporate world, his impressive work experience makes him more than ready to take the reins.  Most importantly, he genuinely believes in the vision of the Landowner and shares the passion of  The Developer…