Features & Amenities

Sanctuario Gates

The Main Gate

The Secondary Gate

Entering the gates of Sanctuario you will feel and see the
world class amenities with international standards.

Administration Office

            At Sanctuario, our distinct administration building boasts of a modern office that bespeaks the company’s professionalism, as evidenced by its competent and cordial personnel who are primed to attend to your every inquiry and to make sure that every visit is worth your while. 

The Fountain

           Called The Gathering Place, the Fountain is a quiet space where one can reflect and meditate— and be soothed by the gentle cascading of the waterfall. The transparent fiberglass guiding the water creates a diffused vision of the other side – creating a beautiful and calming illusion. Whether you need a solitary break or simply catching up on a relaxing time with friends and relatives, the Fountain is the ideal space to be at.

The Sanctuario Chapel

           Our most prominent feature and the focal point of the park is the modern, non-denominational circular Sanctuario Chapel. Adorned with a beautiful stained glass rendition of the Creation, it is indeed, a haven of comfort for those in need of the Lord’s reassurance and care.

           It is fully air conditioned and designed with full height glass doors and windows, creating a sense of freedom of space.  The imaginative lighting treatment of the ceiling evokes an ethereal feeling while the specially made mahogany pews bring warmth to the worshipper.  At the chapel’s center is a sparkling black galaxy granite altar, adding to the total reverent ambience of this house of prayer.

           The Chapel also serves as one of the many  columbariums housing 800 well-designed burial chambers to hold your loved one’s remains safe and secure.

The Chapel Columbarium

This Chapel Columbarium houses 882 columbary vaults
where you can place your loved ones in rest.

The Tower

            This structure is a virtual watchtower – a 15 meter high portal carrying an imposing 15-foot brass statue of our patron saint,  Ferdinand III of Castile, or SAN FERNANDO— an impressive religious centerpiece which seemingly stands guard over the entire park. Within the tower is another columbarium area with over 400 crypts lined two stories high, in classic granite cladding. 

           This Tower also provides a panoramic view of the grounds, a viewing deck where one can marvel at the serenity and beauty of the Park’s whole expanse.

The Tower Columbarium

The Tower Columbarium houses 440 vaults to eternally 
secure your loved ones memories.

The Viewing Chapel

           Each unit of the chapel boasts of distinct amenities such as, the Congregation Area which can comfortably accommodate 50 pax on its well crafted pews, a cozy bedroom, toilet and shower facilities, a kitchenette, a storage room, a pocket garden, a lanai, podium and altar table, built-in sound system, and a dignified casket area with high ceiling.

Comfort Rooms

          At Sanctuario de San Fernando Memorial Gardens , we stand by our commitment to provide you with nothing but the best by giving you utmost  comfort and convenience during your visit. Lighted pathways, shady tree lined walkways, ample parking spaces and well- maintained restrooms are just some of the finer amenities found in the park – small things which can make a big difference during your stay in the park…

Other Amenities