Terraza (Lawn Lot)

Lot size        :   Single plot, measures 1.00m wide and 2.5m length
                      :   2.5 sq.m.

Capacity      :   Double tiered with capacity of two full body vaults.

Structure    :   Standard flat black granite marker measuring 40 x 60 cm. 

Jardin (Garden Lot)

Lot size        :   Available in 4 plots (10 sq.m.), 6 plots (15 sq.m.) and 8 plots (20 sq.m.)

Capacity      :   All plots are double tiered eg. 16 full body vaults for 8 lot garden.

Structure     :   Each lot is provided with a partition made of adobe rubbles. 

Propiedad (Family Estate)

A truly solemn place for privately cherished memories.

Lot size      :   Available in 16 plots (40 sq.m.), 20 plots (50 sq.m.) and 24 plots (60 sq.m.)

Capacity    :   All plots are double tiered eg. 40 sq.m. lot - 32 full body vaults, 50 sq.m. 
                        lot 40 - full body vaults and 60 sq.m. lot - 48 full body vaults.
                       (Dependent on museleo structure to be constructed by the owner).

Structure   :   Private Mausoleum with dimensions and specifications conforming to park
                         rules and regulations.

Criptas dela Ceniza (Ash Crypt)

Indoor crypts

Crypt Size    :   Measures 40cm x 40cm x 50cm

Structure     :   Glass cover for indoor crypts and granite cover for outdoor crypts
                       :   All crypts are furnished with candle holders

Outdoor crypts